FitBit trophies as a milestone for Ubuntu Accomplishments

Accomps logoYou may have heard about FitBit badges support in Ubuntu Accomplishments system. Matt Fisher and Chris Wayne have written a new collection of accomplishments which pulls in your FitBit badges to other trophies. You can learn more about what awesome work they did by reading their articles [Matt] [Chris].

To those of you thinking “Hey, that app is Ubuntu accomplishments. How does FitBit relate to Ubuntu?”: that’s what a separate collection means. All trophies are grouped in sets – each set may relate to a different community, may be developed by completely different people – and such sets are called collections. You can think about them as of plugins or add-ons. Collections are installed separatelly, and are optional. That means that you are free to install FitBit accomplishments alongside Ubuntu trophies, and that you can also use just FitBit badges and remove default collections that award you for being active in Ubuntu community.

Now why do I consider FitBit trophies a milestone for the project?

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Ubuntu Acccomplishments on UDS

That was an interesting week! Lots of great discussions on Ubuntu Developer Summit, I’ve met many great people, brainstormed a lot, and learned a great deal of things. Obviously, I was most active in sessions concerning Ubuntu Accomplishments, and I would like to share what we’ve decided with those who did not participate.

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So what is actually new in Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.3?

Ubuntu Accomplishments system had a new release this week, which sums up our efforts from last 4 months. What were we doing all that time? What’s new, what’s worth trying out? If you don’t like reading changelogs, this post will present some highlights of most important changes that were introduced in Ubuntu Accomplishments 0.3.

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Classroom sessions for Ubuntu Accomplishments contributors

UAS iconSo you’ve always wanted to contribute to Ubuntu Accomplishments, but never knew where to get started? If you are interested in either programming, writing documentation for users, providing a new trophy or dealing with translations, make sure to attend the upcoming event! Next week, Ubuntu Accomplishment developers will share all their secret knowledge, and explain how this all works – from the source code & core logic, to user experience and docs.  This is a great chance to get involved!

The classes, divided into several separate sessions according to different ways you can contribute, will take place on Tue 7th Aug 2012 from 6pm to 9pm UTC, and the following day, Wed 8th Aug 2012, 6pm to 8pm UTC. This event will take form of a live videocast, we will be telling you stories, and you will be asking us questions :) We will describe how the system works, how to contribute, in which areas you will be most helpful, and provide a detailed guide on how to get involved.

More details and exact schedule can be found under this link.

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