My software

Most significant software I have programmed include:

  • AlgAudio – an advanced audio processing framework for sound synthesis and effect processing on live performances. I have designed and developed this software during my internship at Audiovisual Technology Center – CeTA. AlgAudio lets its user create a network of audio operations and define how to control operator’s parameters. It’s designed to be easy to use, but very flexible. It has a plug-in mechanism that allows third-party developers to create custom modules using a public API. Source code and downloads for Linux and Windows are on Github.
    • Technologies involved: C++14, ANSI C, SuperCollider, SDL, CMake, OSC.
  • Extended Squitter messages analysis and conversion tool as a server embedded within a ADS-B ground station receiver (for Becker Avionics Polska). Sounds scary, but that’s basically an application that monitors airplanes in real-time and exposes resulting data outside the receiver. This project is not and most likely never will be publicly released.
    • Technologies involved include: ANSIC, C++, Python, PHP, embeded Linux deployment and management.
  • harmonySEQ – a pattern-based software sequencer for Linux. More details on it’s website.
    • Technologies involved include: C++, ALSA (+ alsa_seq interface), MIDI, GTK+ (gtkmm), autotools, Debian packaging.
  • vModSynth – a modular software synthesizer designed to resemble the look&feel of the analog synthesizers manufactured by For details and downloads, please refer to this release announcement post.
    • Technologies involved include: C/C++, ALSA (audio interface), GTK+.
  • I have contributed to Ubuntu Accomplishments System – an extensive platform designed to award users for being active in community (or just for casual achievements) and to guide them through related milestones. I have contributed a significant amount of code and helped designing platform specs.
    • Technologies involved include: Python, pyGTK, Twisted, integration with Ubuntu desktop, Bazaar & Launchpad team collaboration.

Other interesting bits include:

  • 2048bot – a proof-of-concept software that wins 2048 automatically.
  • passfield – a password cards generator
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