About me

I am Rafał Cieślak, a 21 year old guy from Poland, Wrocław.

As an Ubuntu Member, I am proudly contributing to Ubuntu, you can find what I’ve been up to at my wiki page.

I have quite a lot of experience with C++, ANSI C and Python, but as a flexible developer I am also familiar with C#, Java, PHP, x86 assembly and gdscript. Apart from programming, I am also an experienced administrator of Linux-based systems, including servers and embedded instances.

I am currently unemployed, studying Computer Science and Maths at the University of Wrocław.

My other areas of interest include:

  • Digital sound synthesis and production: I really enjoy playing around with software synthesizers, as well as designing own. I am the developer of harmonySEQ, an powerful pattern-based software sequencer. I have also composed a bunch quite decent tracks.
  • Volleyball. That’s the sport I enjoy most, but I am not any skilled player. I have, however, acquired junior umpire rights, and I find that a great fun!
  • Music: I am very into ambient and berlinschool electronic classical music. Klaus Schulze is my definite favourite, I also like Dieter Werner, Schiller, Cell, Spiral Dreams, Louigi Verona a lot.
  • Speedcubing. I have trained solving Rubik’s cube for some time, and my best averages of ten were around 25 seconds.
  • Technical Origami. Math behind folding paper is more complicated than it may seem, and I tend to design my own models rather than to follow diagrams.

If you really want to know more, or just looking for some way to contact me, here, grab my e-mail: rafaXlciXeslaXk256@ubuntu.com – just remove the X-es.

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