Origami butterfly

  • Model: Robert J. Lang’s Butterfly
  • Folded by: Rafał Cieślak
  • Paper size: 36cm (14″) square sheet
  • Model size: 15cm (6″) wing span
  • Paper type: Waxed-tissue-foil¹
  • Folding time: ~5h

Butterfly   Butterfly

Butterfly   Butterfly

Butterfly   Butterfly

Butterfly   Butterfly

¹) I folded this model from an unusual paper. Tissue-foil is extremely rare in Poland, but I found something what is supposed to be used as a wrapping for sandwiches; sold as “breakfast foil”, it is simply aluminum foil  glued to some thin paper, so that the food does not touch metal. They also add a very thin layer of wax, so the paper is a bit slippery. It comes in sheets of about 45x40cm (not perpendicular…), and is insanely cheap (2zł [0.6$] for ~10 sheets). When folding, it is a bit tricky to handle, as it is slightly slippery, and the foil layer tends to tear off, but in overall the paper is very strong, it creases well, and is quite thin (~60µm, so not as thin as home-made glued tissue-foil, but still pretty good). The butterfly above was folded with the foil to the outside, therefore its silverish shine, which I believe looks elegant. Also, it is outstanding when it comes to shaping details.

I folded the model on 17 may 2014. The photographs were taken in Park Zachodni, Wrocław.

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