A few drawings

I find drawing relaxing. Here are some images I recently draw using Inkscape:

blue1redcat1mamooth1Each took about 2-3 evenings to draw. They work pretty well as wallpapers, hi-res versions can be downloaded by clicking on an image.

I do not have much spare time on evenings, so it is rare for me to spend them drawing animals. I do, however, enjoy the results a lot. Vector graphics are fun!

3 Responses to “A few drawings”

  1. imagegrapher Says:

    These are really cool! I use Inkscape to do the billing :) As odd as it sounds. I really do understand the relaxing feeling. Thanks from Finland :)

  2. Jeremy Says:

    These look great. Well done. The elephant is my favorite.

  3. Silver Fox Says:

    Wow, they look great! :)

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