Dynamically changing Ubuntu Phone wallpaper for your desktop

We have all already seen it. The super-elegant Welcome Screen seen on all demonstrations of Ubuntu Phone OS is appreciated by many for it’s brilliant design and simplicity.

Because of that, some have tried to recreate it to use as a desktop wallpaper. Among several versions that are available, I liked Michał Prędotka’s version most. This version was modified to many different colors by Michael Hall – he has even created a video tutorial on how to make your own color scheme for this wallpaper.

I love the idea of different simple wallpapers that share the design, but vary in colors. But I’m lazy, and I don’t want to change my wallpaper everyday to enjoy another color scheme. Ideally the wallpaper would change automatically. But if the design is identical and only colors change, then it may be neat to change the colors smoothly.


(these images are low-res, and are not meant to be downloaded)

I have written a small script which does that for you. It runs in the background, and every now and then it creates a new shade of color for your wallpaper. This way the color changes smoothly. By default, it takes full day for the colors to repeat (but you can chage the period easily) – it’s yellow in the morning, green near noon, in the afternoon it gets blue, evening is violet, and at night it gets red. You may want the colors to change slower (it may be cool to have the full cycle take a week, this way everyday’s a new color!). If you wish, it will be simple even to modify color selection algorithm as you wish.

You can download the script here. After extracting, simply launch the run file (you may wish to modify the script before). I have also added the script to the list of apps that is started when I login, so that it runs in the background whenever I using my desktop. By default, it refreshes the wallpaper every 10 minutes. This is enough for shade changes to be not noticable.

And of course the Dash and Launcher’s cameleonic features are following the mood of your wallpaper!

I hope you will enjoy this colourful trick!

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