FitBit trophies as a milestone for Ubuntu Accomplishments

Accomps logoYou may have heard about FitBit badges support in Ubuntu Accomplishments system. Matt Fisher and Chris Wayne have written a new collection of accomplishments which pulls in your FitBit badges to other trophies. You can learn more about what awesome work they did by reading their articles [Matt] [Chris].

To those of you thinking “Hey, that app is Ubuntu accomplishments. How does FitBit relate to Ubuntu?”: that’s what a separate collection means. All trophies are grouped in sets – each set may relate to a different community, may be developed by completely different people – and such sets are called collections. You can think about them as of plugins or add-ons. Collections are installed separatelly, and are optional. That means that you are free to install FitBit accomplishments alongside Ubuntu trophies, and that you can also use just FitBit badges and remove default collections that award you for being active in Ubuntu community.

Now why do I consider FitBit trophies a milestone for the project?

Ubuntu Accomplishments System has reached the level on which creating third-party collections is simple and clear. The appearance of FitBit accomplishments symbolises how extensive this platform is, that it can be used to present achievements in areas not limited to Ubuntu. This is the first additional accomplishments collection I am aware of – except for few proofs of concept we did some time ago – and that means a lot to me. This is the ultimate proof that the system is fully capable of integrating with third-parties. As far as I know, it took Matt and Chris about a week to create this collection – and considering the fact that they are busy people and how simple the scripts are – as seen in Matt’s post – it’s clear that making a simple set of third-party trophies is a quick task.

I believe that the power of this platform lurks in it’s extensibility. Imagine what collections others (or you!) may develop:

  • Trophies for a local Ubuntu community
  • Achivements in a video game
  • Accomplishments representing aquired skills in a local diving/basketball/parachuting/etc. club
  • Awards for being active in other communities (Kubuntu? Debian? Wikipedia? a MMORPG? DevianArt? or anything you wish)
  • Badges for students symbolising awards for their efforts

You get the idea. The sky is the limit.

Now with the Accomplishments System being qiute stable, it’s no pain developing your own collection. Pick up any idea you have, use this guide hop onto #ubuntu-accomplishments or join our mailing list and we’ll make sure you find all the resources you may need to make your own awesome collection.

And kudos to Matt and Chris for their exemplary work ;-)


2 Responses to “FitBit trophies as a milestone for Ubuntu Accomplishments”

  1. Chris Wayne Says:

    Thanks for the kudos :)

    Something else to note is that this also shows that accomplishments can be done with sites/services that require authentication, as this uses the Online Accounts system to authenticate to FitBit

  2. Ubuntu Accomplishments 13.04 Update | jonobacon@home Says:

    […] What is neat about this is that this support makes use of the Online Accounts feature in Ubuntu, so you simply authenticate with your Fitbit account and then you are good to go. Read more about this from Matt, from Chris, and from Rafal. […]

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