Toggle Backlight mode in Unity2D

I really like the “Backlight Toggles” launcher mode, which causes all launcher icons to have a colored background if and only if the application is running. This allows me to quickly see what’s running and what’s not. As far as I know this is the default mode for 12.10.

I was missing this feature on Unity2D. It turns out that I was not the only one who looked for help in the Internet in this matter – actually some people would like to use this feature. I’m going to give you a hand with that! As Unity2D is no longer developed, we cannot hope such feature will be ever implemented, so I prepared a simple script that patches few Unity files and enables that behavior immediately!

To get and run the script, use the following:

chmod +x

Important notes: This script works for Ubuntu 12.04 only. It modifies some Unity2D files, so if it will complain it cannot apply patches, do not force it to do so. Although I have carefully tested this script on several machines, I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, especially if you are using other Unity2D mods. Also note that Unity2D updates will revert these changes, you will need to re-run the script.

If anything went wrong, reverting changes is as simple as reinstalling unity-2d-shell package.

Enjoy! ;-)


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