The very first post on a blog is usually either an introduction of the writer, or a note stating that the site is under construction.

Mine is going to be neither.

I will not introduce myself, for either the reader already knows me well, or is not (yet) in the desired target audience. I shall postpone this until I have more time to present myself, as for now this page is not meant to be anything valuable. Also, I will not warn about this site being under construction; it’s not, and most likely will not be for some longer time. This is just a temporary placeholder, though one day it may become my personal place for publishing articles and thoughts, as I may decide to gather more interesting writings of mine right on this blog.

What is going to be the main point of this post?

I am just going to congratulate you (or maybe express thankfulness a tiny bit) for having skipped to and/or being interested in the very first post I’ve published.

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One Response to “Greetings”

  1. Chris Hanning Says:

    That is the best first post I have ever read :)
    (I got here from your potentially excellent, currently very interesting vModSynth project).

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